We empower families and individuals to experience the richness of life.

The richness of life’s journey is the best measure of success. The joys and challenges of each life stage are the catalysts for memories and fulfillment. Marriage, a new business, the births of children and grandchildren, college, military service, career progression, friendship, travel— these are not goals to be achieved, rather experiences to relish.

Wealth management is just one of our tools.

While smart financial planning can facilitate experiences— no amount of money can replace them. The 994 Group focuses on facilitating your life experiences.

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Anchored in Partnership

We emphasize the involvement and education of both spouses or partners. Having a shared vision and commitment amplifies success.


Take the Helm

We believe a dynamic financial planning process facilitates life’s joyful experiences. Through our active engagement, we seek to transform the lives of our clients and their families.


Tailored to You

We utilize the Kolbe Index, an assessment that provides unique insights about how you communicate, process information, and respond to risk, allowing us to best meet your needs.


Enjoy Today.
Save for Tomorrow.

The only constant in life is change. Having a trusted advisor you can count on, no matter where the journey leads you, inspires confidence for the future.

Financial Insights

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