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A 10-Step Guide to Build Financial Confidence

Posted on Thursday, January 21, 2021

Spoiler alert....this guide does not include winning the lottery or getting adopted by a Billionaire....

Have you considered your current financial health much, if at all? Are you even familiar with the term?

Personal well-being incorporates three pillars: physical health, mental health, and financial health. Just like the proverbial stool, without one pillar, your well-being wobbles and falls. Your financial health is dependent on having a well-defined plan, and most importantly, executing on the plan. We routinely work with doctors, fitness trainers, and other professionals for physical and mental wellness, yet most Americans don't even have a financial plan, let alone a professional to help with execution.

Poor financial health leads to unwanted outcomes, just like poor physical and mental health leads to illness. Primarily, you may not be able to experience your family's vision for joy whether it includes goals like early retirement, travel, real estate acquisition, or any item on your bucket list. Money is an important tool in life's pursuit of joy and happiness, but it's not the goal.

So, where should you start? Our new whitepaper, A 10-Step Process for Financial Confidence, provides a suggested framework to build or rebuild your financial wellness with proper expectations and a clearer path.

The whitepaper addresses each of the following steps:

Step 1 - Understand that luck does not equal skill.

Step 2 - Envision your joyful life.

Step 3 - Determine your financial starting point.

Step 4 - Control what you can: cash flow.

Step 5 - Control what you can: taxes.

Step 6 - Control what you can: cashflow timeline.

Step 7 - Control what you can: risk management.

Step 8 - Control what you can: estate plan.

Step 9 - Embrace what you cannot control: capital markets.

Step 10 - Engage, refine, redo.

Download The Financial Planning Whitepaper Now: A 10-Step Process for Financial Confidence.

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