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Running for Rose - A Marathon Worthy Cause

Posted on Monday, November 04, 2019

Last December, Pete and I ran a marathon, and I was eating a jar of pickles at the finish line when he finally arrived. (He was injured, but I’ll take a win where I can!) It was the second marathon for both of us, and I swore I’d never run another one… Whoever coined the maxim “never say never” must have been speaking directly to me. Here we are again! In the midst of marathon training! We are at the ugly stage where our weekly long-runs have hit the late teens—17+ miles. The brutal runs where it’s really long, and then you realize you have another 9 miles to go on marathon day. UGH! It’s tough training, physically and mentally. Why do we do it? Why does anyone do it?? Not for the t-shirt, fake gold medal, or revenge for a previous loss. Marathon runners have a million reasons for attempting this physical feat, and an abundance of charitable causes have frequented the list.

This year, we have a particularly poignant cause. The 994 Group team has a number of special people who have supported the launch of our business. So many who are dear friends and advocates have touched us during our start-up phase. Among this amazing network, we were connected to an extraordinary woman, Erin Langhofer, whose life was cut tragically short. At a young age, she embodied the spirit of living a rich life through her service to some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Her heart of compassion and service led her to a career at the Rose Brooks Center, an organization providing respite for families of domestic abuse. This life-saving center provides shelter for all members of families broken by abuse and violence, including those with fur, because traumatic times need not be exacerbated by the loss of a family pet. The suffering and fear of these women and children make a marathon look like an easy day.

While Pete and I are ready to embrace the shin splints, black toenails, and blisters (and many other indignities) notorious with marathon running, we invite you to painlessly "run" with us! Please consider joining in spirit by supporting the Rose Brooks Center. We plan to match donations, up to $2,500, for an overall goal of $5,000—but our stretch goal is to blow past it! A collective effort to honor an extraordinary young woman by honoring an extraordinary cause to which she dedicated herself. Click on the link here to donate today! Just add "marathon" in the note section to ensure your donation is included in the match.

We can't wait to share how big of a difference we make together!

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