The right tools make all the difference.

The long-term, ongoing processes of financial planning and wealth management require communication and commitment, as well as stamina. Understanding how our clients operate empowers us to tailor how information is delivered, bridge communication gaps, and optimize the process of engagement.

The Power of Kolbe Wisdom™

A crucial part of our engagement process is understanding the Kolbe A Index of our clients. Backed by decades of scientific research, the Kolbe Concept® holds that human instincts are the source that drives people to take specific actions. These “instinctive needs” propel an individual’s actions, reactions, and interactions. It also identifies the person's use of time and natural form of communication.

Each individual operates on the continuum of each action mode, and the unique combination represents his or her mode of operation (M.O.):

Scale Icon

Fact Finder

The instinctive way we gather and share information

Follow Thru

The instinctive way we arrange and design.

Quick Start

The instinctive way we deal with risk and uncertainty.


The instinctive way we handle space and tangibles.

Integrated Financial Planning

We provide a comprehensive, digital financial planning experience for all clients. This platform connects and consolidates all of your financial accounts—investments, banking, mortgages, revolving credit, etc.—so you can view your updated personal balance sheet, track spending, and monitor investments, all from the 994 Group website. Our platform also includes a personal electronic vault where you can safely store important documents. Further, you can be assured that we never sell client data.

Investment Approach Based on Financial Science

The 994 Group focuses on defining and driving a successful investment experience tailored to each client. This experience starts with the foundation formed in the financial planning process, and continues by leveraging institutional investment managers, including Dimensional Fund Advisors. Dimensional allows only financial advisors who meet their stringent approval process to access their investment products. Dimensional’s investment approach is grounded in Nobel Prize-winning financial science backed by decades of empirical research. By marrying your financial plan with a low-cost, broad-market approach, we can improve the odds of investment success.